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Jackson County Outdoor Club is for anyone who enjoys nature and wildlife in the great outdoors.

Enjoy nature and wildlife at JCOC.

JCOC members, either individually or in groups, can participate in fishing, camping, canoeing, hiking, backpacking, boating, bicycling, skiing, nature photography, skin diving and many other activities that involve our forests, fields, and waterways.

Such activities may be either those pursuits that harvest predetermined surpluses of fish and game species which under proper management are able to replenish themselves, or activities that take advantage of geographical features, natural phenomenon, weather conditions or any of the aesthetic aspects of our great outdoors.

View the Jackson County Outdoor Club Constitution and Bylaws.

J.C.O.C. Officers & Directors
Officers and Directors are available by phone between 9 AM and 8 PM only.

President Richard Griggs (517) 315-9339
Vice President Alex Moske
Financial Secretary Judy Speed (517) 914-4286
Recording Secretary Charlene Baldwin (248) 515-3228

Archery Max Mcfeters (386) 547-3369
Buildings & Equipment Corey Burns (517) 740-4282
Conservation & Waterfront Chuck Drevitch (786) 423-4533
Hall Rentals & Kitchen (Director) Dave Wilson (517) 764-3415
Hall Rentals & Kitchen (Co-Director) Leeanna Kloack (517) 764-1749
Newsletter & Facebook Karen Wilson (517) 764-2352
Range Director Dave Teriaco (517) 782-7759
Rental Property& Clubhouse Director Mark Baldwin (517) 581-5615
Membership & Sunshine Tamara McFeters (517) 945-4815

Jackson County Outdoor Club
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